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It used to be that an office or storefront and a listing in the Yellow Pages was about all a business needed to be found. Of course, the world was smaller and slower back then, and the competition was within driving distance.

These days, the internet provides a level of accessibility and information unheard of even 5 years ago. With the influx of smart phones, tablets and laptops over desktops, your company’s online presence is more critical than ever.

For us, website design and development encompasses all aspects of what we do; graphic design for uniqueness, branding for presence, and marketing for reach. It’s not enough to have a website with contact information anymore – your site must engage the viewer and set yourself apart from your competition. If it doesn’t, you’re likely to lose business before you even knew you had it.

At The DesL Group, we provide website services that include: new sign design and development, redesign and edits, SEO and online presence, and online marketing. Drop us a line, and let us work with you to create an online presence that is built for today’s dynamic world.