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If you’ve had a chance to read our Branding & Identity page, then this statement will sound familiar: marketing is only as complicated as a company wants it to be. To figure that level of complexity, though, requires an initial examination of two key aspects of marketing: Strategy versus Campaign.

Marketing strategies define the direction of campaigns, and a campaign can/should influence strategies. It’s one of those “can’t have one without the other” scenarios. It is necessary to develop some level of strategy, based on marketing goals and customer data, in order to engineer a proper campaign. And once a campaign has been executed, the strategy will then be influenced to adjust to the results of the effort.

This probably sounds more complicated that necessary; after all, the intricacy of a company’s marketing efforts relies heavily on the goals and scope of reach. However the myriad of options to execute a marketing campaign doesn’t mean an intricate approach should cost an arm and a leg.

Our focus is to develop a marketing strategy and campaign that not only fits your goals and budget, but that also incorporates tactics and means of implementation that are appropriate for your business, your customers, and your needs. Our goal is to achieve maximum impact for the strategies we suggest. There will always emerging technologies and new fads, but just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.

Give us an opportunity to evaluate your marketing strategy, goals, and campaign, and we’ll provide solutions that are affordable and effective.