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contractsHonesty and fairness are how we do business, and that holds true with our contract policies. Every client relationship we engage in is done so with a basic contractual agreement. If you are unfamiliar with our pricing structure options, please refer back to our pricing page for more information. For retainers, the contracts are based on the agreed variables particular to each client’s needs, so any summary of what to expect would be difficult. Instead, we’ll focus on the projects contract, which is a good indication of what to expect with the retainer version.

With a project contract, the structure is very simple. We provide costs associated with each project, outline the details, provide a basic timeline for completion, and that’s it. We do require a signature from our client to ensure both parties agree to the fees and terms, however no other complexities are involved. The contract is enforced to benefit both the client, and us, and we adhere to that agreement. In fact, there are two critical benefits that we provide our clients through those contracts:

1. The Client Owns What They Pay For

Intellectual property law can be tricky, especially when visual creative works are concerned. We prefer to define ownership outright, and be done with it: once a project is paid in full, the client owns the artwork and it’s usage rights. All we request is the right to use the work for our portfolio.

2. The Price Quoted is the Price Paid

We’ve been witness to plenty of instances of other agencies deviating from the original quotes by adding in fees for extra revisions, phone calls and meetings, office supplies, and archive charges. Our policy is simple: the price quoted is the price billed. Every service we provide in-house is included. And if a project scope changes during development, we will require your approval before finishing the job.

How we operate our agency is something we are very proud of. We will always be up-front and honest with every client we work with, and we will treat them as we would expect to be treated.