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pricingHonesty and fairness is one of our core values. We will always be open and fair with our project pricing and are willing to work with our clients on the front-end in order to meet specific budget requirement.

No two clients or projects are the same. Logo design, for example, can seem relatively straight-forward. However, even a logo can become complex when factors such as type of business, target audience, primary application, etc. are considered. Just as each project is unique, our approach to quoting is unique and specific to each client: no two clients are the same, and neither are their needs. However, here are some guidelines by which we base our pricing structure:

Flat-Rate Project Pricing

The benefit of flat-rate pricing is that it gives you the ability to develop projects as needed without any long-term commitments. For individual project pricing, a 50% deposit, based on the project estimate, is due before development starts. The remaining 50% is due upon completion. We do require that both parties sign a contract (contract information can be found here) that defines project scope and fees. Prior to providing a final project quote, we do set a time for a brief conversation to go over project requirements, expectations and Q&A. And once a project is complete, and paid in full, you retain full usage rights and ownership of the files.

Hourly Billing

Between Flat-Rate Pricing and Retainers sits Hourly Billing. A basic contract is required to establish an agreed hourly rate, and how the time is billed (our standard division is by the half hour). From there, we can either send time estimates for each new project via email, or just operate on the honors system; it’s up to the client. Typically our hourly clients have some level of history working with us, and trust us to be fair and up-front with our billing…which we always are anyway!


Our retainer pricing is simple: we establish an hourly rate based on the number of hours we anticipate working on your account each month. The more hours and the longer the contract, the lower the rate. Hours can be restricted monthly, or merged into a bank of time for the duration of the contract, with an overage rate outlined for excess time. And finally, a timeframe for the retainer is established. Three months is the minimum commitment we require for retainers, and any length of time beyond that can be developed to fit a client’s specific need.