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I have been sitting on an article (link at the bottom) for a few days, wondering if I should give my 2 cents, or if I should bite my tongue. It’s controversial, because it’s not a popular subject. It sheds a negative the biggest fad in business marketing since…well…marketing! I’m talking about social media for business, and how it is NOT producing the desired results.

WHAT?! Say it ain’t so?! And what the heck am I doing talking about something like that? I must be an idiot…after all, social media services is part of what my company offers. The reality, though, is that it’s the elephant in the room, and needs to be discussed. Ignoring the issue doesn’t make it go away. Instead, figure out what to do, and move forward.

Here’s the skinny, people; social media has yet to be proven as a solid method of new business leads for the average business. I’m not talking about the mega-corps that overrun the ‘net with viral marketing and social media onslaughts. No, I mean everyone else. The small-to-midsize businesses that are working hard every day to generate leads. And the buzz is social media – it’s cheap, reaches a broad audience, and can be highly infectious among users. So why isn’t it working?

There isn’t enough time to discuss all the reasons why. The point is we are still figuring out the right formula to make social media a viable source of new business leads.

Let’s keep one major point in mind; by new business and leads, I’m not talking about keeping customers and clients informed, or providing regular updates about your product or service. The article addresses this as well. Social media is a very efficient and inexpensive way to stay in touch with your client base, and is invaluable for that purpose. But getting the new leads to respond, well…

Here’s the bottom line; much the same as any branch of advertising or marketing, all your eggs should never be in one basket. Diversify your marketing portfolio. Put a little strategy behind your efforts. Use a combination of tactics to support and enhance overall effectiveness. You may not be the first shop on the block with the latest and greatest in marketing tools, but keep in mind that supply and demand has existed for a VERY long time. Spend a little time thinking about what makes the most sense for your business and your customers, and I promise the effort will be worth it.

And of course, I’m always ready and willing to brainstorm with you, should you want a little expert help!

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